Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
Archway Announces Ground Breaking Enhancement to its Family Office Software Platform

Cognitive Psychology and the Family Office Converge

New York, NY. May 12, 2009 – Archway Technology Partners announced today that it intends on releasing revolutionary data presentation technology with its May 15th release of the ATWeb Enterprise Accounting platform for investment professionals.

“Archway has leveraged the deepest research performed to-date on human perception and cognition in developing new visual representation technology. These technologies, code named Crystal Ball, will improve our clients’ ability to better understand their businesses and analyze complex networks of nested ownership,” said Jason Brown, President, Archway Technology Partners. Jason continues, “The Crystal Ball will allow our Family Office software clients to simultaneously leverage the wealth planning benefits achieved through the use of complex organizational structures without sacrificing the ability to understand the net consequences of such structures.”

Archway’s integration of complex visualization stems from a simple truth: human capacity is dwarfed by the velocity of the growth of information and complexity surrounding us. This is evidenced in Family Office environments where complex organizational structures are employed to protect the interests of beneficiaries, compounding in complexity with each successive generation. Archway has been for some time unique in its ability to manage the accounting intricacies of such complexities. Until now, however, nobody has been successful in presenting these complexities in a meaningful manner.

We are pleased to introduce this new capability as part of our continued commitment to our existing clients and our relentless effort and focus on the private investment community.

About Archway Technology Partners

Archway Technology Partners is a global software company supporting the operations of private investment companies such as Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Family Offices, Multi?Family Offices, Fund Administrators and Venture Capital Funds. Archway’s flagship platform, ATWeb, is an industry leading on-demand enterprise software solution for the Investment Industry. ATWeb clients enjoy web deployed tools available 24/7. ATWeb is the industry’s only application that has successfully integrated a full G/L, investor relations, portfolio accounting software, fund accounting software, partnership accounting software, coupled with a full suite of financial modules including accounts payable, accounts receivable and budgeting – a true standard in one solution.

Built on next generation technology, ATWeb is the complete Family Office software, Hedge Fund software, Fund Administration software, Private Equity software and Asset Management software solution.

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