Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
ATWeb Extends Decision Support and Defines Industry Reporting Standards

ATWeb Platform Extends Decision Support Capabilities and Defines Industry Reporting Standards

New York, NY. July 28, 2009 – Archway Technology Partners announced today that recent extensions to its flagship platform, ATWeb, include advanced capabilities to assist the front office in decision support and help define a road map for RIA and Family Office reporting.

Over the past eight years Archway has grown the ATWeb platform to be a comprehensive middle and back office platform. With its established and mature position in the industry, Archway has turned its attention towards incorporating advanced portfolio composition and investor exposure analytics that facilitate a wide range of portfolio modeling, aggregation and target to actual reporting.

“The first phase of decision support, released in May 2009, included the Crystal Ball which provides a visual representation of nested ownership and look-through reporting. The second phase included capabilities for portfolio modeling, target to actual reporting and producing an industry standard set of Net Worth Statements and Exposure Reports,” said Brad Holifield, Director of Product Development, Archway Technology Partners. Brad continues, “Phase three will then broaden the portfolio modeling tools to offer suggestions for rebalancing the portfolio based on the predetermined targets, thresholds established by managers and preferred investment vehicles, as defined by research professionals.”

About Archway Technology Partners

Archway Technology Partners is a global software company supporting the operations of private investment companies such as Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Family Offices, Multi?Family Offices, Fund Administrators and Venture Capital Funds. Archway’s flagship platform, ATWeb, is an industry leading on-demand enterprise software solution for the Investment Industry. ATWeb clients enjoy web deployed tools available 24/7. ATWeb is the industry’s only application that has successfully integrated a full G/L, investor relations, portfolio accounting software, fund accounting software, partnership accounting software, coupled with a full suite of financial modules including accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management and budgeting – a true standard in one solution.

Built on next generation technology, ATWeb is the complete Family Office software, Hedge Fund software, Fund Administration software, Private Equity software and Asset Management software solution.

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