Monday, November 9th, 2009
Archway Releases ATWeb version 4.2.4

Recent enhancements aimed at Trust Accounting, Accounts Payable and Reporting

Over the past weekend, the Archway team released several enhancements to the ATWeb platform. While our client base has received formal communication and training as needed, we feel it is our obligation to highlight a few enhancements to our regular readers, prospects and partners. A subset of the enhancements include the following:

Version 4.2.4 of the ATWeb platform was released over the weekend into the production environment. Highlights of the upgrade include the following:

Enterprise & Entity Nomenclature -Archway’s ATWeb platform serves a broad client base, including a diverse range of accounts, funds, partnerships, trusts and LLC’s. To better reflect these diverse naming conventions, we have changed the “Customer” and “Company” descriptions to “Enterprise” and “Entity” throughout the application.

Favorite ReportsUsers may now access their Favorite Reports from any window within ATWeb by selecting the orange Enterprise Reports and Entity Reports buttons in the menu bar of the application.

Dashboard Insert: Trust Cash Breakout – The Trust Cash Breakout insert is intended for Trust Accounting users of ATWeb, and is available from within the Entity-level dashboard.

Enterprise PortfolioAn “Export to Excel” option has been added to the Position and Trade Reconciliation modules within the Enterprise Portfolio. The Reconciliation modules may be accessed through Main -> Enterprise Portfolio -> Reconciliation. Users may export the data in the reconciliation grids by selecting the Excel icon in the upper right corner of the application.

Security Master

  • Search Criteria - Additional search criteria have been added to the Security Master spyglass. Users may now view and search for security records by Identifier or Security Name.
  • IDC Integrations - Clients who subscribe to IDC, through Archway, will find additional feed options available with this release.
    • Foreign Exchange Spot Rates
    • SIC Codes

Investor Module

  • Search Criteria – Users now have the ability to search the Investor Accounts list by Investor Class, Investor Account Number and/or Investor Account Name, using the spyglass search feature.

Accounts Payable Module

  • AP Payments – The AP Payment setup is now integrated with the Banking Module to facilitate payment and user approval tolerances, outbound payment instructions, bank and custodian integrations and future system enhancements.
  • Investor Distributions – The distribution function has been removed from the Investor Module and is now located in the Accounts Payable Module.

ReportingTwo report enhancements have been made with this upgrade.

  • Global Portfolio Appraisal – The existing Portfolio Appraisal report has been enhanced to include foreign currency translations.
  • Income Statement – The existing Income Statement has been enhanced to facilitate additional reporting options for clients who utilize the Nested Entity structure in ATWeb.
  • Open Positions - The existing Open Positions report has been enhanced to provide Clients with an option to include Nested Equity investments.

About Archway Technology Partners

Archway Technology Partners is a global software company supporting the operations of private investment companies such as Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, Family Offices, Multi?Family Offices, Fund Administrators and Venture Capital Funds. Archway’s flagship platform, ATWeb, is an industry leading on-demand enterprise software solution for the Investment Industry. ATWeb clients enjoy web deployed tools available 24/7. ATWeb is the industry’s only application that has successfully integrated a full G/L, investor relations, portfolio accounting software, fund accounting software, partnership accounting software, coupled with a full suite of financial modules including accounts payable, accounts receivable and budgeting – a true standard in one solution.

Built on next generation technology, ATWeb is the complete Family Office software, Hedge Fund software, Fund Administration software, Private Equity software and Asset Management software solution.

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