Monday, February 15th, 2010
Archway Releases ATWeb version 4.2.5

Gifting and Transfers along with enhanced Trust Accounting Reporting now available

Over the past weekend, the Archway team released several enhancements to the ATWeb platform. While our client base has received formal communication and training as needed, we feel it is our obligation to highlight a few enhancements to our regular readers, prospects and partners. A subset of the enhancements include the following:

Version 4.2.5 of the ATWeb platform was released over the weekend into the production environment. Highlights of the upgrade include the following:

Enterprise Enhancements:

Dashboard Inserts – Dashboard inserts depicting open positions, unrealized gains/losses and portfolio exposure have been enhanced to more accurately depict investments held in foreign currencies.

Document ManagerEnhancements have been made to the Document Manager to allow for more efficient enterprise-wide search capabilities.

Entity Roles- This enhancement offers the ability to create user-defined roles and associate those roles with specific Entities and Profiles. This functionality is especially beneficial for Clients who utilize ATWeb’s trust accounting features and trust reporting.

Profile List Management – An enhancement was made to allow for easier management of the Profile List. The default Profile List display has been reorganized to include more user-friendly quick search functionality by simply selecting a letter on the keyboard.

Profile Exposure Warehousing – The exposure percentages created and warehoused during the Breakpoint Close process have been enhanced to now include the contribution side of transfers between Equity accounts. These percentages provide a more accurate exposure to ending assets for Profile Exposure reports and standard Model to Actual functionality.

Transfers and Gifting – A new Enterprise Portfolio menu option has been added to ATWeb that will provide Clients with improved capabilities to handle transactions related to transfers of investments. Across all transfer options, the new functionality simplifies the steps required in an investment transfer by automating the entries made in the Portfolio and Investor Modules, while posting the necessary accounting entries to the General Ledger. Through the Transfers & Gifting Module user interface, the Entity information will be defined along with Transferor/Transferee and the selection of specific tax lot-level transactions involved with the transfer.

Available options in the Transfers & Gifting Module are:

  • Internal Transfer- The primary purpose of the Internal Transfer option is to transfer or gift investments held in one Entity’s portfolio to another Entity’s portfolio that reside within a single ATWeb client Enterprise. When an internal transfer is a gift from one Entity to another, the Internal Transfer will allow a Gift flag to be set at the time of entry.
  • Transfer In from External – The Transfer In from External option is the method by which Clients can record investment transfers into an Entity that may have been a personal asset of an investor or a gift received by an Entity from a party outside of the ATWeb client Enterprise. This transfer option also allows the transaction to be tracked as a Gift.
  • Transfer Out to External- The Transfer Out to External option is the method by which Clients can record investment transfers out of an Entity as a redemption payment to an investor or in the event an Entity needs to gift an investment to a party outside of the ATWeb client Enterprise. This transfer option also allows the transaction to be tracked as a Gift.

Account Balance Reconciliation – This enhancement has set the foundation to allow for the importing of cash balances from Data Providers, as well as the ability to manually upload a GL Account Balance X-File and reconcile against ATWeb system data. Coordination with Archway may be required in order to use this reconciliation tool as some initial configuration related to a given Data Provider’s account types must be addressed, in addition to related integration enhancements.

Other Updates

  • Archway Development released 16 integration-related enhancements, including updates to current integrations and integrations with new data providers.
  • Archway Development implemented additional functionality to the ATWeb infrastructure, which will result in faster processing of reports.
  • Archway Development completed the Option Symbol Changeover project which impacted the transaction, bookkeeping and position file processing of client integrations with 3rd party data providers.

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