Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
Archway Releases ATWeb version 4.3.0

Security Provisioning, Inter-Company Payables and Integrations highlight the 4.3.0 release.

 Over the past weekend, the Archway team released several enhancements to the ATWeb platform. While our client base has received formal communication and training as needed, we feel it is our obligation to highlight a few enhancements to our regular readers, prospects and partners. A subset of the enhancements include the following:

Version 4.3.0 of the ATWeb platform will be released this weekend into the Production environment.  Highlights of the upgrade include the following:

Enterprise Enhancements:

Breakpoints Nomenclature Changed to Accounting Periods – Within ATWeb, the term Breakpoints has been changed to Accounting Periods.  The same functionality exists within the Accounting Periods Module as previously existed in the Breakpoints Module.

Group and Role-Based User Security – New user security enhancements have been added to provide increased levels of user security based on organizational responsibilities and entity level access. 

Security Master Configuration Update
 – Users will notice increased efficiency when assigning General Ledger account integrations to Security Type characteristics  

Entity Enhancements:

Portfolio-Specific Pricing Enhancement Enhancements have been made to the Update and Edit Post PM functionality to determine the appropriate market value for securities with varying prices on a single day across multiple portfolios.  A security’s market value table may be accessed through Main à Enterprise Portfolio à Security Master à Securities à Market Values tab.  The order of operations for determining the appropriate value to use is as follows:

Consolidated Bill Pay – Clients who use the Accounts Payable module will notice an enhancement to the Payment Cycle process that allows multiple bills to a single vendor to be paid with one check. 

Inter-Entity Bill Lines – Within the Accounts Payable module of ATWeb, an enhancement has been made to the Add Bill process that will allow the assignment of Bill Lines to other entities within the client Enterprise.  After the Bill header is created, the next step in the workflow is to add Bill Lines.

Portfolio Class Option Assignments and Ratios – The existing Portfolio Class functionality has been enhanced to allow for multiple Portfolio Class Option assignments to a single portfolio.  Additionally, users may now assign specific values to each Portfolio Class Option. 

Reporting – The following reports and report updates have been released to the Reporting Module:

Report Updates

Trial Balance – This report now provides user with the ability to generate the report for historical accounting periods.  The Trial Balance report is available under the ‘Financial’ wedge of the Reporting module.

New Reports

In-Kind Gain/Loss Allocation by Entity – Clients with in-kind contributions may use this report to validate how realized and unrealized gains are allocated to specific investors.  The report shows how the amount of carry-forward unrealized gain/loss is allocated for each tax lot based on which investor contributed it.  This report is available within the ‘Investor’ wedge of the Reporting module.

Statement of Capital – For Clients using ATWeb Trust Accounting functionality, this report will display the portion of Equity related to principal/capital and the change in this balance during the date range selected.  This report is available under the ‘Trust’ wedge of the Reporting module.

Statement of Income – For Clients using ATWeb Trust Accounting functionality, this report will display the portion of Equity related to income and the change in this balance during the date range selected.  This report is available under the ‘Trust’ wedge of the Reporting module.

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