Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
Boosting Client Referrals for Registered Investment Advisors

A critical component for Registered Investment Advisor’s (RIA’s) to consider when growing their business is utilizing current clients. RIA’s agree that client referrals are critical to a firm’s growth according to an SEI Quick Poll released Monday Aug. 29, but half of those polled say they’ve only asked “a small percentage” of clients for referrals. Taylor Ranker of The Ranker-Hanshaw Group in Harrisburg, PA comments on this disconnect, stating “Every good advisor knows they should be utilizing existing clients to generate referrals. The only question is how.” In order to bridge this knowledge gap, SEI Advisor Network created a whitepaper titled Turbo-charging Client Referrals. This white paper outlines four key ways for advisors to generate referrals and introductions, including:

-       Engage your Clients

-       Leverage Technology

To read more in-depth about these tips and to see the rest of the list for growing your business through client referrals, check out the article on AdvisorOne.com by clicking here.