Thursday, January 12th, 2012
Letter from the CEO: Jason Brown – Q1 2012

Archway CEO Jason BrownDuring the 2011 calendar year, we began implementing a new team within Archway focused solely on our clients. While many of our clients have not yet felt the effects of this change, a terrific amount of work has already been completed and set the stage for a 2012 that will be marked with many improvements in how we handle and support our clients. Our recent client satisfaction survey demonstrated that a high percentage of our clients are pleased with the products and services they receive from Archway. However, we view client service and satisfaction as something that should always be improved upon.

In addition to our client service initiatives, Archway also made a terrific amount of headway on several back-office and foundational technology initiatives. We have continued to commit significant time and effort towards ensuring the security of our client’s data in an ever-changing world of threat profiles and risks. We have implemented a new wave of system performance tracking tools and notifications that allow us to head off potential system performance issues well in advance of them occurring. Finally, we have upgraded many of the hardware assets upon which our products operate.

These are a few examples of the many things Archway does on a daily basis in our never-ending quest to improve the products and services we deliver to our clients. As we look into the coming year, we are anxious to continue to build on these improvements.

Last but not least, 2011 brought about another year of record growth for Archway. This growth has resulted in recent recognition within our local business community as well as an exciting expansion within our headquarters office. In December, the firm was recognized by both the City of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana for its impressive job creation initiatives. As of January 1st, we opened up an additional 4,000 square feet of space in our Indianapolis office to support our growing staff.

We at Archway are excited to tackle what will undoubtedly be another action-packed year for the firm. We wish all of our clients a productive and exciting 2012. We are already working at it on our end!

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