Posted: 12/05/2014

Currently, large-scale wire houses and independent advisors are competing for the same contingency of clientele while fighting the fallout of the recent recession. To gain an edge, independent firms could produce personalized reports to improve client service and attract new investors, as suggested in our previous post, Empower Your Advisors with Custom Reporting. But in order to offer this level of customization, firms must make a choice: invest in advanced technology or spend numerous hours manually entering and refining data for each client. 

Posted: 8/18/2014

Since 2011, total registered investment advisor (RIA) assets have increased $7.1T leading to more management opportunities for firms. And as assets grow, more independent advisors emerge and competition for clients intensifies. Firms are being forced to ask: How do we attract and retain investors?

Posted: 7/29/2014

Today’s Internet intruders function like sleeper agents, hiding within websites and applications. Once they are activated, they prey on individuals and companies via online connections, which include the systems, computers and tools used in daily work and life. For family offices, a great deal is at stake: disruptions caused by viruses, malware and hackers can put the family and its data at risk.

Posted: 7/09/2014

Private equity investments are on the rise due to higher returns, tax benefits and the portfolio diversification it yields. But without a clear way to integrate these separate assets with other investment data, wealth managers and family offices are left with an incomplete financial picture and a lot of manual work. Investors are asking: How can I track private equity?

Posted: 7/02/2014

Many firms in the wealth management industry rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets and disparate systems for their accounting, investment management and reporting needs. The ability to upgrade these systems could be the difference between productive and unproductive employees. So how do you know when it’s time to replace your technology?

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