Family Offices

Purpose-built SFO and MFO solutions to meet the full universe of family wealth back and front-office needs.

Family offices today are facing increased pressure and greater challenges from the families they service.  Family members are mobile, technologically savvy and geographically scattered.  Their varying tastes, needs and interests can quickly change. Whether selecting an investment, purchasing a new residence or planning wealth for future generations, family members are paying close attention to their financial holdings.  Now more than ever, family offices have a responsibility to provide their clients with clear and concise financial data.


Streamline Operations
Whether you have a small, newly-formed family office or have supported a complex, multi-generational family for many years, our solution offers true scalability in the management of family wealth. Instead of investing enormous time and resources on operational tasks, advisors and family office staff can now efficiently close the books and report individually or in a consolidated manner across multiple entities - saving countless hours of transaction processing, accounting and report preparation. Reducing the operational burden in turn provides family offices the ability to focus on higher value work, including spending more time analyzing, managing and advising families on their wealth. 

Improve Data Accuracy
The volume, diversity and complexity of data associated with ultra-high net worth families can easily result in inaccurate information that negatively impacts decision-making as well as the credibility of advisors. Accuracy requires that the data not only be right, but also timely. Manually compiling information together from across various systems and spreadsheets, is not only error-prone, but inevitably leads to delays in delivering actionable data and insights. Our system provides a powerful, single platform for managing and processing all of the data in one place, dramatically improving both the accuracy and speed of managing every aspect of a families’ wealth. 

Simplify Complex Ownership
As wealthy families grow and invest through increasing numbers of legal entities, often across multiple generations, our platform enables the seamless management of these sophisticated ownership structures, from multi-tiered to layered pass through entities. In addition, we provide powerful, intuitive reporting essential in helping family members effectively understand these structures in order to make better and more efficient wealth planning decisions.



       Investment Management

  • Ability to transfer securities in, out or between accounts
  • Automatic, direct integrations with banks, brokers, custodians, and managers along with various data enrichment sources (pricing, indices, and other attribute data)
  • Complex ownership structure handling
  • Comprehensive support and process across all asset classes (marketable securities, alternatives, personal assets, etc.), currencies, custodians and managers
  • Modeling and rebalancing functionality
  • Summary dashboards with drill-through



  • Book and tax account visibility
  • Budgeting and forecasting functionality
  • Cash management (including wire management, transfers and contributions)
  • Check writing
  • Client billing
  • Flexible, automated income and expense allocations
  • Fully-integrated general ledger, with customizable chart of accounts
  • Multi-currency enabled
  • Partnership, portfolio and trust accounting
  • Position, trade and cash reconciliation



  • Comprehensive report library of over 200 reports from graphical performance, exposure and risk reporting to financial statements and schedules (available in PDF and Excel)
  • Consolidated portfolio or family-member/entity-specific reporting
  • Intuitive, insight-driven client dashboards through to detailed transaction reports
  • Mobile-enabled client portal
  • Performance and analytics, including both time and money-weighted returns, at multiple levels: portfolio, entity, manager, asset class, account, and security
  • Report generation batching and scheduling


We were very fortunate to have found the Archway Platform five years ago. As a new family office, it did not take long for us to find ourselves trying to integrate data into a single accounting package.

As such, it became clear we needed to find a system that had a fully-integrated general ledger with portfolio reporting capabilities. When we found the Archway Platform, we knew we had found exactly what we needed.

- CEO, Single Family Office