Wealthy families typically work with an extensive list of merchants and vendors resulting in a myriad of day-to-day, month-to-month, annual and one-time expenses. From simple utility and credit card bills to household staff, professional services and investment funding requests, wealthy families usually have a complex series of banking activities and relationships that must be accounted for. Traditional bill pay solutions require highly manual processes and oftentimes consist of poorly suited software to manage vendor information, track expenses, manage cash flow and execute the bill payment process.

Specifically designed to serve the unique needs of wealthy families, SEI's exclusive bill payment service allows clients to offload the tedious and time-consuming bill payment process to a highly-skilled team of accounting professionals. This service leverages deep accounting expertise and sophisticated, proprietary accounts payable technology to deliver an efficient, controlled and secure accounts payable alternative.


Streamline Your Internal Bill Payment Process

Advanced Workflow with End-Client Approvals
Enable clients to pre-approve vendors, provide dollar limit thresholds and approve or reject invoices for payment.

Complete Audit Trail
Maintain a full activity log designed to comprehensively track vendors, bills, payments and their associated accounting entries for a complete audit trail.

Comprehensive Process Control
Rely on state-of-the-art technology featuring tightly-integrated workflow and accounting controls that enforce the separation of duties alongside configurable rules around payment approval.

Flexible Client Portal
Employ web-based technology that allows clients to remotely access, view and approve their invoices on PC’s, tablets or smartphones through a purpose-built client portal.

Integrated Document Management
Utilize built-in document management capabilities to scan, upload and retain vendor invoices, bank statements and other supporting documentation within the Archway PlatformSM.

Outsourced Service Model
Leverage sophisticated accounts payable technology through a team of experienced client service and accounting professionals to execute and manage the full spectrum of bill payment services.

Sophisticated Data Security
Protect your clients’ data by partnering with a firm where confidentiality, security, technology and information controls are driven by industry-leading physical and cyber security policies.



SEI's outsourced bill payment solution enables clients
to better manage banking activity and expenses through a unique combination
of technology, security, automation and professional expertise.
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