Serving as an extension of the Archway PlatformSM, our client portal is built with multiple layers of technology and services that make it a robust engine for complex, end-client reporting. Using the data housed in our integrated accounting software, the platform’s foundation sets the stage for a profoundly secure and highly-interactive user experience. As a result, the client portal enables wealth management firms to offer their clients a truly differentiated service offering.
How Can Our Client Portal Promote Investor Communication?
Optimal scalability
Grow your business without questioning whether or not your technology platform can scale with your expanding client and operational requirements.

Extensive portability
Grant clients access to their financial information through a completely white-labeled portal that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Limitless flexibility
Customize each client's experience to provide specific individual or consolidated views of your ultra-high net worth clients' holdings, performance, risk, allocation and net worth.

Intuitive usability
Designed to deliver a highly-intuitive, interactive user experience, the client portal delivers the full range of complex client data in a graphical, dashboard-style display with drill-through detail.

Future-proof extensibility
Invest in a client portal built upon a technology foundation that is designed to seamlessly serve both today's and tomorrow's needs alike.

Superior data security
Ensure clients that their financial information is protected from misuse, theft and disaster using SEI's stringent security and maintenance protocols.
The Archway Platform's client portal delivers
an interactive, mobile client reporting experience
for family offices and high-net-worth individuals.
Technology: Integrated Accounting Software
Known as the Archway Platform, SEI's integrated accounting software solution allows clients to streamline their accounting, investment management and reporting operations through a single technology platform.
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Topic: Industry Trends
Innovations in Private Wealth Technology & Reporting dives into how leading private wealth management firms are driving towards more streamlined, enterprise-wide technology.
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