Integrated Fund Accounting and Administration Technology

Alternative Asset Managers

Whether you are an alternative asset manager self-shadowing your fund accounting, a growing fund administrator or an RIA offering private fund investments, the technology you use can significantly impact the costs, accuracy, security and reporting efficiency of your firm. The award-winning Archway PlatformSM enables you to close the books faster, automate income and expense allocations, process subscriptions and redemptions, accrue and charge fees and provide comprehensive reporting to your in-house staff and outside investors through a single application.

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Fund Accounting

The Archway Platform integrates portfolio and fund accounting with investment management operations to present consolidated accounting and investment data within a single system.

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Automate Accounting Operations

Built on a core general ledger, our integrated accounting software automates the accounting entries behind master-feeder cash flows, allocates gains and losses, calculates NAV and processes investor activity.

Accrue & Charge Investor Fees

Leverage a fully integrated fee engine that calculates and bills investor fees based on a variety of asset and performance based fee calculations.

Manage Complex Ownership Structures

The Archway Platform is designed handle ultra-complex master-feeder structures, series LLCs, side pockets and sleeves to provide greater transparency and oversight of complex fund structures.

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Portfolio Management

Aggregate and reconcile data across multiple sources and asset types to see global investment exposure.


Consolidate Data from Multiple Sources

Using direct data feeds, APIs and intuitive external data collection tools, the Archway Platform can be used to consolidate data from multiple banks, custodians, brokerage firms and third-party pricing sources.


Aggregate Data Across Asset Types

The Archway Platform aggregates data across multiple asset types including equities, fixed income, derivatives, funds and debt investments.


Automate Portfolio Reconciliation

Using automated reconciliation tools, your operations team can automatically reconcile position, trade, transaction and cash detail on a daily, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.


Process Corporate Actions

Built-in tools streamline corporate action processing, including mergers, spinoffs, splits and symbol changes.

Fund & Investor Reporting

Produce timely, accurate reporting that delivers better oversight of your funds and greater transparency for your investors.

Alternative Asset Manager Reporting

Produce Sophisticated Fund & Investor Reporting

Produce cross-fund exposure reporting to investors including client statements, management reporting and fund financials.

Deliver a Digital Investor Reporting Experience

Allow investors to access client statements and other fund documents through a white-labeled investor portal accessible via any mobile device.

Streamline Your Reporting Process

The Archway Platform's state-of-the-art reporting tools allow alternative asset managers to automate the report preparation and delivery process using saved report packages, pre-selected parameters and report run-time scheduling.

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