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Solving the diverse and ever-evolving array of client challenges related to the effective management and support of complex wealth is not solely a matter of technology or service alone. SEI Family Office Services delivers award-winning technology coupled with a superior level of client service and support to offer a fully-integrated accounting, investment management and reporting solution.

Take a tour of the Archway Platform to discover how our comprehensive wealth management solutions can help you simplify and optimize the accounting, investment management and reporting operations of your firm.

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SEI Family Office Services Solutions Overview

Discover how SEI Family Office Services has helped family offices and financial institutions simplify the management of complex ultra-high-net-worth wealth

Innovations in Private Wealth Technology & Reporting

Learn how family offices and financial institutions are driving towards a more streamlined, enterprise-wide approach to technology

Integrated Accounting Software

Discover how the Archway PlatformSM enables clients to optimize and dramatically simplify the operations and reporting of their firm through a single software solution

25 Technology Questions: Investment Advisors

Discover the questions every investment advisor should be asking as they evaluate whether a wealth management technology is capable of handling portfolio, performance and operational needs

Family Office Tech Evaluation: Building a Successful Proof of Concept

Discover how to put together a technology proof of concept and what questions to ask as your family office thinks through its technology challenges

Archway Platform Overview Demo

Take an inside look at SEI's integrated accounting software platform designed to simplify and optimize the accounting, investment management and reporting operations of family offices and financial institutions through a single, integrated solution

Family Office WealthTech Strategy Evaluation

Evaluate your family office's wealth management technology strategy to ensure internal staff and end-client technology expectations are met

Internet Security for Family Offices: 10 Steps to Protect Online Information

Discover the expertise, planning and effort required to safeguard confidential information along with best practices for Internet use

Family Offices

Discover how the Archway PlatformSM supports the full range of accounting, investment management and reporting needs of family offices

Private Banks

Learn how leading private banks are leveraging SEI's suite of complementary technology solutions and outsourced services to help differentiate and enhance their private wealth offering

Excel Is Not a Database

Explore the pitfalls of utilizing Excel as a data tracking and reporting mechanism and discover more efficient, accurate and productive options

Mobile Client Portal

Find out how SEI's client portal can help you communicate more efficiently while transforming your clients’ reporting experience

Consolidated Investment Reporting Service

Understand how SEI Family Office Services couples industry-leading technology and unparalleled service to provide the most powerful, unified and independent view of your client’s complete wealth picture

Personal Expense Management Service

Learn about our bill payment solution for wealthy families and individuals

50 Technology Questions: Accountants

Know the questions every accountant in the private wealth industry is asking to measure the breadth of each wealth management solution's capabilities

Family Office Alternative Investment Reporting Process Evaluation

Evaluate your family office's alternative investment reporting process and discover new tools to help automate routine reporting operations

Our Commitment to Exceptional Client Service

Learn how SEI Family Office Services approaches client service and how we help our family office community maximize their investment in our solutions through ongoing support, training and connection.

The True Definition of Integration

Discover various aspects of system integration and how a truly integrated solution can have a profound effect on your business

50 Technology Questions: Executives

Know the questions every private wealth executive should be asking as they evaluate wealth management technology

Partnership Administration Service

Learn how SEI Family Office Services uses highly-specialized knowledge and purpose-built technology to deliver exceptional administration and accurate reporting services for your investment partnerships

Our Perspective: A Relentless Development Philosophy

Explores the Relentless Development Philosophy that has helped guide the evolution of the Archway Platform℠ over the past two decades and where it will take SEI Family Office Services in 2021 and beyond

Private Wealth Advisors

Understand how the Archway PlatformSM helps private wealth advisors manage their clients’ data in an accurate, reliable manner

25 Technology Questions: IT Professionals

Discover the questions IT professionals in the wealth management industry should be asking to address security protocols, software development practices and hosting providers

Optimize the Creation of Performance Reporting

Learn how to determine what type of reporting information is most valuable to investors based on their roles and responsibilities and why tailoring report creation to the individual user is essential to success

Web Hosting VS. Cloud Computing

Explore the pros and cons of web hosting versus cloud computing and the critical factors to consider when making the decision of where to host your data

Alternative Asset Managers

Find out how the tools within the Archway PlatformSM can seamlessly support your fund’s accounting and administration needs

Family Office Year-End Strategic Evaluation

Evaluate your family office's strategy heading into the new year

The 5 Dos and Don'ts of Client Reporting for High-Net-Worth Families

Discover five core high-net-worth client reporting best practices