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Private Banks

As clients demand greater transparency and access to their financial information, private banks and other large financial institutions are seeking ways to optimize and streamline their client experience. SEI Family Office Services offers a suite of enterprise-grade technology and award-winning outsourced service solutions that help global financial institutions and their advisors deliver a consolidated view of their high-net-worth clients' accounts and investments.

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Portfolio Aggregation & Reconciliation

The Archway PlatformSM is designed to aggregate and reconcile data across thousands of transaction types for accurate, timely access to consolidated client data.

Automate Financial Data Collection

Using direct data feeds and intuitive external data collection tools, the Archway Platform aggregates financial data from multiple sources to view client information across public and private asset types, custodians, managers, currencies and geographies.

Track Complex Investment Types

The Archway Platform is designed to support both public and private investments including equities, fixed income, cash, private equity, hedge funds, real estate and personal assets.

Maintain Transaction-Level Detail

The Archway Platform captures a granular level of detail including tax lot information, accruals, interest, dividends, fees and gains/losses, as well as private investment capital activity like commitments, calls, distributions, subscriptions and redemptions.

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Consolidated Financial Reporting

Industry-leading reporting technology enables financial institutions to deliver a highly-tailored reporting experience for each of their unique clients.

Enhance the Client Reporting Experience

Deliver on-demand client reporting that helps your advisors and their clients visualize and interpret complex financial information using an interactive, mobile client portal tailored to their preferences.

Deliver a Comprehensive Wealth View

Provide a holistic view of your client's wealth using summary and detailed exposure reporting including allocation, holdings and performance reports.

Calculate Performance & Risk

Accurately measure and assess investment performance and risk using sophisticated metrics like daily time-weighted returns, money-weighted returns, MOIC, standard deviation, correlation and other investment analytics.

Accounting & Investment Reporting Technology

The award-winning Archway Platform unifies complex accounting and investment data within a single system to produce comprehensive financial reporting for your clients and advisors.

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Access a Broader Set of Financial Data

Aggregate data from multiple sources to view your client's complete wealth picture including held-away and personal assets.

Tailor Your Client Reporting

Easily customize reporting using user-defined data groupings, adjustable filters, configurable parameters and optional report formats to create thousands of reporting options.

Streamline Your Reporting Process

The Archway Platform's state-of-the-art reporting tools allow financial institutions to automate the report preparation and delivery process using saved report packages, pre-selected parameters and report run-time scheduling.

Expand Your Service Offering

Built on a core general ledger, the Archway Platform features an expansive suite of accounting tools that you can use to offer additional services like partnership accounting, personal bill payment and consolidated financial statement preparation.

Personal Expense Management

Design a bespoke bill payment and expense reporting solution for your clients that ensures secure, timely handling of invoice processing, bill payment and data reconciliation.


Streamline Bill Payment Processes

The Archway Platform's integrated accounts payable functionality is designed to minimize the amount of time spent collecting invoices, recording invoice data points and issuing payment.


Enable Digital Payment Approvals

Designed with security and oversight at its core, the Archway Platform features sophisticated workflow, multi-level bill payment approval hierarchies and a comprehensive audit trail.


Deliver Cash Flow & Expense Reporting

Analyze expenses, outstanding payments, vendor details and cash flow using consolidated accounts payable data and readily-available reporting out of the Archway Platform.


Outsourced Bill Payment

Partner with SEI Family Office Services to create a customizable bill payment solution that can help you handle invoice management, payment processing and expense reporting on behalf of you high-net-worth clients.

Sophisticated Partnership Accounting

Purpose-built partnership accounting technology and services for financial institutions serving complex high-net-worth individuals and multi-generational families.

View Nested Ownership

Using proprietary technology, the Archway Platform features sophisticated look-through capabilities that reveal direct and indirect ownership of assets across partnerships, holding companies and individual accounts.

Automate Ownership Allocations

Automated ownership calculations take into account contributions and withdrawals throughout the period, and allocate P/L from top-level entities down through the underlying entities.

Process Complex Partnership Activity

Fully-integrated partnership accounting tools process income and expense allocations, capital transactions such as contributions and withdrawals and the transfer of securities into or out of the partnership.

Deliver Comprehensive Partnership Reporting

Understand complex partnership activity through a wide variety of reporting including financial statements and general ledger reports as well as investment performance, partner statements and tax detail.

Nested Ownership

Award-Winning Technology

SEI's Archway Platform is highly awarded and trusted by hundreds of wealthy families.






Technology & Outsourced Service Models

Whether you prefer to run our wealth management technology in-house or partner with our outsourced services team, our solutions deliver comprehensive financial reports that provide deeper insights and enable better decision-making for you and your clients.

Integrated Wealth Management Platform

Using the Archway Platform, your financial institution can streamline its internal accounting and investment reporting operations while enhancing the overall client experience through an interactive, mobile client portal.

Award-Winning Outsourced Services

Our team of accounting and operations professionals operate as a seamless extension of your back-office to offer you and your clients a curated menu of award-winning services including consolidated client reporting, portfolio aggregation and reconciliation, bill payment and accounting administration.

Technology + Services Hybrid

Allow your operations team to leverage the Archway Platform in-house, while partnering with SEI Family Office Services to assist with complex and time-consuming tasks like partnership accounting, portfolio reconciliation or personal bill payment and expense reporting.