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Family Offices

Trusted by more than 400 wealthy families, SEI's Archway PlatformSM helps single family offices and multi-family offices streamline their core accounting, investment and reporting operations. From partnership accounting and bill payment to financial data aggregation and client reporting, SEI's Archway Platform enables family offices to deliver a holistic view of their client's total wealth picture using a single family office software solution.

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Streamlined Investment Data Aggregation

The Archway Platform unifies comprehensive accounting and investment detail within a single platform.

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Leverage Direct Data Integrations

Featuring automated direct data feeds with custodians, brokerage firms, banks and other data enrichment sources alongside flexible APIs, family offices can eliminate manual data entry between multiple systems to ensure accurate, timely data gathering.

Manage Intricate Entity Ownership Structures

Seamlessly manage sophisticated family office ownership structures including master-feeder, fund-of-funds and nested entities to provide clear, concise look-through reporting across individuals, households and generations.

Consolidate Financial Data

Automatically consolidate data across entities, asset classes, custodians, managers, currencies and geographies for powerful financial analysis and reporting.

Track Complex Investment Types

Designed to deliver comprehensive insight into your client's total net worth, the Archway Platform allows family offices to track traditional holdings like equity, bonds and cash as well as hedge funds, private equity and personal assets.

Family office software data aggregation

Integrated General Ledger

Our family office software platform is designed to bridge the gap between family office accounting and investment teams, providing a single source of reporting data.

Customize Your Chart of Accounts

Tailor a custom multi-currency chart of accounts across entities that aligns with your internal family office operations and reporting.

Automate the Accounting Close Process

Through purpose-built tools, family office accountants can systematically close, update and revert the books across all entities or a subset of entities.

Unify Your Accounting & Investment Operations

Based on a core general ledger, the Archway Platform automatically creates the underlying journal entries behind complex back-office operations including investment activity, cash management and treasury functions, bill payment and partnership tracking.

Advanced Family Office Reporting

The Archway Platform's easy-to-use reporting tools deliver actionable insights into your family office's financial data.


Access an Extensive Report Library

SEI's Archway Platform includes a highly configurable report library of 200+ report templates ranging from traditional financial statements to asset allocation, investment activity, performance and risk reports, allowing family offices to build a customized reporting experience.

Automate Your Reporting

Featuring automated report preparation and scheduling tools, the Archway Platform can produce and deliver an unlimited number of recurring or ad hoc report packages tailored to the unique needs of your internal staff and family members.

Run Sophisticated Performance Reporting

The Archway Platform allows family offices to measure investment, portfolio and manager performance for individuals, households and other user-defined groups using time-weighted or money-weighted returns, performance benchmarks and user-defined allocation models.

Leverage an Interactive Client Portal

The Archway Platform's mobile client portal provides family members with on-demand access to their net worth information through interactive dashboards, configurable data views and a secure document sharing tool.

Sophisticated Accounting Tools

The Archway Platform's award-winning accounting tools are used by hundreds of accounting professionals to manage complex family offices across the globe.

Manage Complex Capital Movements

Move cash, manage intercompany transactions and transfer securities and equity through a suite of easy-to-use accounting tools designed for complex capital movements.

Leverage Flexible Accounts Payable Functionality

Streamline your family office's bill payment and expense management functions using built-in check writing, ACH and wire payment methods, comprehensive expense reporting and sophisticated bill payment approval structures.

Create Multi-Level Budgets

The Archway Platform features intuitive budgeting and cash flow forecasting tools to create multiple budgets and cash flow estimates at the entity, account, sub-account or individual level.

Award-Winning Technology

Highly awarded and trusted by hundreds of wealthy families, SEI's Archway Platform has a history of leading the way in wealth management technology.

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