What We Do

We bring together complex accounting and investment detail to deliver comprehensive financial reporting for you and your clients

The Archway Platform is a powerful tool that gives you even more powerful financial insights. From effortless recordkeeping using the platform's integrated general ledger and sophisticated partnership accounting capabilities to account aggregation and investment performance, our technology-backed solutions help family offices and advisors to wealthy families better serve their ultra-high-net-worth clients. Use the technology in-house or partner with our team to operate the tools for you – either way, the solution is simple and the reporting is accurate.

Why Choose
SEI Family Office Services

You need a technology and service partner with a history of solving complex accounting and reporting scenarios for some of the most sophisticated families in the world. A partner that’s been there and done that, and continues to advance the frontier for high-net-worth wealth platforms. One that wrote the book on integration and found a way for you to enter accounting detail, pay bills, look through layers of ownership, produce financials, measure performance and deliver client reporting – all within a single solution. A partner that understands the irrefutable value of dedicated, high-touch client service and believes client retention isn't just a statistic, it's a mission. But mostly you need a partner with stability and experience, one that takes the guesswork out of your technology investment.

That partner is SEI Family Office Services, home of the award-winning Archway Platform.

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Effortlessly Maintain Accounting Detail

The Archway Platform automatically books underlying journal entries to the general ledger. So while you’re processing portfolio transactions, gifting securities, moving cash, paying bills and doing all the things in between, the platform’s accounting engine is filing away the accounting detail in your customized chart of accounts to ensure you’re able to produce accurate, honest reporting.

Consolidate Assets in One Place

We bring together your client’s accounts and investments, across custodians, managers, asset classes and currencies, for a true net worth picture. With their financial information conveniently aggregated under one roof, you can create dynamic, multi-dimensional reporting across a complete data set – and you can forget the days of supplemental spreadsheets and manual consolidations.


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We Simplify Complexity

High-net-worth families have an inherent complexity stemming from their unique blueprint of legal entities, ownership structures, tax considerations and investment strategies. Our solutions are designed to untangle nested ownership, handle sophisticated partnership accounting operations and track intricate capital movements between generations, partnerships, trusts and owners. The end result is crystal-clear transparency into your client’s true net worth, inclusive of their direct and indirect holdings.

Your Reporting, Your Way

If you find yourself still using spreadsheets, manually preparing quarterly client reports or struggling to meet the digital reporting demands of the next generation of wealth holders, we know you. The Archway Platform features hundreds of customizable, parameter-driven reports ranging from financial statements to performance, allocation, exposure, risk and activity reports – all of which can be automatically generated, packaged together and sent to your clients in our secure, mobile client portal. And, yes, you can brand it.

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Our Process

We know how important it is to choose the right wealth platform for you and your clients. Let us help you. Start simplifying your back-office operations and delivering the right information to your end-clients through effective and accurate reporting straight out of the Archway Platform.

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Let us get to know you

Schedule a call with our team to tell us about your day-to-day accounting, data aggregation and reporting challenges. We’ll help you understand how our solutions can relieve some of that pain, describe how other firms like yours are partnering with us today, answer your preliminary questions and let you know what it will take to get started.

Let us prove it to you

Words are great, but you really need to see us in action. We’ll schedule deep-dive demos of our solutions, walk through your specific operational scenarios, introduce you to your future support team and answer the tough questions we know you want to ask us. Plus, we know a lot of satisfied clients, so we can give you references too.

Let us be your trusted partner

If we’re a good fit for one another, we’ll make it official. Our expert team of in-house client service professionals will set service-level agreements and stand up the Archway Platform to fit your organization. We'll configure the tools you need, get your data flowing into the platform, train your team on the solution and support you every step of the way.

Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves
as of 12/31/2023